Zen aims to offer the most cost-effective Demand Response kW on the market
June 14, 2016

Zen Thermostat has achieved OpenADR certification allowing it to significantly reduce the cost of a kW of demand response (DR) for residential and small-to-medium size commercial buildings.

The cost to enable a kW of demand response has traditionally been upwards of one thousand dollars, but Zen, with its integrated cloud-based DR solution and energy management functionality, slashes this to as little as one hundred dollars helping commercial and residential customers leverage AutoDR programs for the first time.

James McPhail, EVP Zen Within, explained, “Zen is focused on providing cost-effective demand response technology for residential and small-mid-sized commercial sites, which has been a challenge for demand response aggregators, and for utilities, who need a way to access more of the small-mid market customers. As Zen is deployed as a stand-alone device, or in conjunction with our storage, solar, and connected home partners, DR becomes more and more cost-effective.”

Thermostats are emerging as a critical tool for controlling load in the growing demand response industry and Zen represents one of only a handful of them that have achieved the necessary OpenADR certification.