Zen Smart Thermostat enters lucrative demand response industry
January 28, 2016

ZEN Thermostat, a product by Zen Within, has joined the Open ADR Alliance as it pursues a range of Automated Demand Response (ADR) projects in the United States with its OpenADR compliant device, Zen Thermostat.

The Open ADR Alliance represents the growing number of Demand Response participants who are working to increase the stability of the energy grid and reduce the cost of peak energy by allowing electricity operators to automatically reduce the demand of energy by end-use electricity customers such as residents and businesses. To achieve this reduction in demand the operators need access to ADR compliant devices, such as Zen Thermostat, installed on the network.

Demand response is among several States’ top energy priorities because it provides numerous economic and environmental benefits for ratepayers. Operators are prepared to provide significant financial incentives to gain access to ‘curtailable load’ via ADR programs.

ZEN Smart Thermostat offers a residential and commercial smart thermostat that is AutoDR Enabled, and conforms to the OpenADR Standard. Zen is currently partnered with Demand Response Aggregator, Enersponse, and has devices participating in the California IOU Capacity Bidding Markets. It is also currently pursuing several other residential and commercial opportunities Nationwide, with multiple
industry partners, including EnergyHub and EcoFactor.

James McPhail, EVP Zen Within, said, “Demand response is still a rapidly growing industry and Zen plans to play an active role as it continues to evolve. The OpenADR Alliance is the perfect platform for us and other members to influence strategy, standards and education on Demand Response.”

James leads the ADR initiatives at Zen Within having worked closely in Demand Response with Utilities Nationwide over the past 10 years, on behalf of Demand Response Aggregator, EnerNOC and OpenADR technology provider, Encycle.