You can apply a standard schedule template or customize your own at a National, Regional or Site level.

When creating a schedule, you can select which days the
schedule is valid for, and select start and end times in
15-minute blocks. You can then select cooling and heating setpoints for that schedule.


One of the most powerful features within Zen HQ™ is the
ability to prevent on-site deviations from schedules by using the partial or full lockout feature.

This ensures your organization stays on schedule by preventing unauthorized adjustments.


OpenADR certification and utility integrations mean customers can automatically participate in demand response and energy efficiency programs to slash electricity costs during times of peak demand.

The Zen HQ portal notifies your devices of an active Demand Response event and displays it on your schedule.


Zen HQ presents heating, cooling, lighting, and energy usage in a dynamic visual graph across single or multiple sites.

The Energy Monitoring screen presents energy consumption
across any site in your organization with a click or a touch.

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